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  • Jam Fitness Gym

    Rates / Prices:

    Physical resistance Training (PRT)
    walk-in = 50
    Monthly = 400
    Yearly membership = 100

    walk-in = 60
    AM/PM = 700
    Yearly membership = 100

    PRT and Aerobics
    walk-in = 100
    Monthly = 700
    Yearly membership = 100

    walk-in 230
    monthly = 1,000( 10 session)
    1,500 unlimited
    Yearly membership = 500

    Walk-in = 230
    Monthly = 1,300 (10 session)
    1,500 (unlimited)
    Yearly membership = 500

    Physical resistance Training (PRT) Aerobics/Zumba PRT Aerobics Boxing/Boxercise Boxing/PRT

  • Sekai Fitness Hub

    Rates / Prices:

    Gym Only+Sports massage = 599
    Gym Only(3x/week)+Sports massage = 499
    Boxing Only +Sports massage = 599
    TRX Only + Sports massage = 599
    Gym +Boxing + Sports massage = 799
    Gym + TRX + Sports massage = 799
    Boxing+TRX+ Sports massage = 799
    Gym+ Boxing+ TRX + Sports massage = 899
    Daily Rate= 701 on 18 sessions = 2,000 12 sessions = 2,800 16 sessions = 3,500 GROUP (2-3 persons)8 sessions = 1,000 12 sessions = 1,400 16 sessions = 1,600

    We want to make you Sexier and Healthier. And we hope you also enjoy mingling with other members and staff of Sekai.

  • Elite Fitness Gym

    Rates / Prices:

    2000 1 year for regular
    1500 1 year for student

    Reg. Memeber: 70
    Non-Member: 100
    Student: 50
    Non-member: 70

    1,100 unlimited visit for 30 dayas(regular members only)

    We are Located Beside PUREGOLD Tuktukan Branch in Taguig City Nearby Taguig Munisipyo.   1 on 1 Training/Coaching Basic Meal Plan Training Consultaion Zumba Insanity Free Weights Resistance Plyometric TRX Stretching Cardio

  • Fem Gym

    Rates / Prices:

    Gym Rate:
    Session: 45
    Weekly: 180
    Monthly: 720
    3 months: 2,000

    No pain! no gain! If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got! Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen! To achieve something you’ve never had before, you must do something you’ve never Read more [...]

  • Euforija Fitness

    Rates / Prices:

    1,400 with Trainer 80-walk-in(NO Trainer)
    160 with Trainer Duration: 1 Hour/ session
    160 WALK-IN
    Schedule: Daily except Sunday From: 6:30AM-2:30PM(METAFIT)
    Duration: 1Hour/Session
    ABS Circuit Training Class 160/session
    Schedule: Tuesday & Saturday Duration: 1 hour
    Mountain Running/ Trekking Endurance & Conditioning
    2000 ( 0 session) 2500 (12 session)
    Walk-in 250 Schedule 7-9AM/9-11AM 1-3 (Monday, Wednesday,Friday) Duration: 1Hour,20 Mins./session MMA/Boxing 2,500 (12 sessions) 250 walk-in Schedule: Upon Arrangement Duration: 1Hour/Session

    EUFORIJA FITNESS offers the following: Circuit Trainings, Plyometrics Functional, Boxing and MMA   Functional MMA Boxing Circuit Training Plyometrics Zumba Metafit(HIIT) WEIGHT

  • Flex 33 Therapy Center

    Rates / Prices:

    Gym and Fitness 1000 Unlimited
    100 walk-in
    800 3x/week/month
    700 2x/week/month
    DynamicnFitness 1200 2x/week/month(+ Unlimited Gym)
    600 2x/week/month
    Zumba 600 2x/week/month
    100 walk-in
    Kickboxing 1500 4x/week/month(+Unlimited Gym)
    1200 4x/week/month(+ 3x/week/Gym)
    Taekwondo 1500
    Mixed Martial Arts 1500 3x/week/month (+3x/week gym)
    Physical Theraphy 400-800

    Providing you with a scientific and modern approach to both injury rehabilitation and strength/conditioning program   DRJ Wellness Physical Therapy and Fitness Center is a rehabilitation center that offers services to clients of all ages who suffer from pain, sports injuries, balance dysfunction, heart conditions, stroke, spinal injury, neurological problems, Read more [...]

  • Dhonz Gym

    Rates / Prices:

    Personal Training
    Group Outdoor Training Lifetime Membership: 300php
    Monthly Fee: 600php
    Per Session: 50php
    Monthly Fee: 750 php
    Per Session: 70php

    MEMBER: Monthly: 500 php
    Per Session: 40php
    NON-MEMBER: MOnthly Fee: 600 php
    Per session: 50 php

    Wanna be fit, healthy, strong and be the BEST in shape? Then join us and train with the BEST! “TRAIN INSANE OR REMAIN THE SAME”

  • Iron Shape Fitness Gym

    Rates / Prices:

    Personal Training/Class Session Programs
    Weight loss/gain weight
    Health Assesment
    Nutrition/Dietary /Meal Plan
    Complete Exercise
    Worout Programs
    Personal Training/Classes Session
    1 session 160 php
    6 session 900 php
    12 session 1500 php
    1 month session 3000 php
    Treadmill Rate1 peso per minute(min. of 30 mins)
    30 php 1 month unlimited 300 php
    Locker RateBig Locker/month 70php
    Small Locker/minth 40php per day
    locker 5php
    Mineral Water Unlimited 5php 1 month 300php 2 months 500 3 months 700 4 months 900 12 month + Membership fee 2700
    Student Rate1 month 250php 2 months 450 3 months 650 4 months 2250

  • NewYou Fitness Club

    Rates / Prices:

    Introductory Rates:

    Annual Membership Rate of 1000 pesos (Optional)
    Monthly Rates:
    FITNESS PACKAGE = 1000php
    • BOXING PROGRAM with Mitts
    • Workout
    • Aerobics
    Workout Fitness Program = 400php
    Aerobics + Workout = 800php

    Services: -Boxing -Workout Fitness Program -Aerobics Benefits of New You Fitness Club Members: – free coupons (3pcs. of any program) – New You T-shirt – Coupons Purchases ( 1 coupon = 1 session, 1 set = 12 coupons) • +3Coupons for every set purchased (BOXING) • +3Coupons for every set Read more [...]

  • Blackout Fitness MNL

    Rates / Prices:

    Weight + Cardio Training
    Weight Only
    1 month 600 php
    4 months 2300 php
    6 months 3000 php
    Weight & Cardio
    1 month 850 php
    4 months 3200 php
    6 months 4300 php

    Personal Trainer Rates
    Consumable Personal Trainer Session
    >5 consumable PT session = 500php
    Unlimited Personal Trainer Session
    >Monthly session = 2000php
    >3 months unlimited = 5000 php

    FREE Trainer Session for new membership
    >FREE 1 PT session for monthly
    >FREE 2 PT session for 4 months
    >FREE 4 PT session & DriFit Shirt for 6 months

    Established in Herrera street, just beside PNB Rizal Avenue and IM Health. Three minutes walk from SM San Lazaro, Avida Towers, LRT1 & Jollibee Tayuman. Blackout Fitness MNL was created to be your partner in gaining confidence through fitness and achieving the body you wanted. Our mission is to build a gym that Read more [...]

  • SkyHigh Fitness Gym

    Rates / Prices:

    Buy Guest Pass

    * 1 pc Guest Pass - 250 php
    * 3 pcs Guest Pass - 500 php
    For new members and renewal of membership
    *1 month - free 3 pcs Guest Pass
    *3 months - free 6 pcs Guest Pass
    *6 months - Free 9 pcs Guest Pass
    *1 year - free 1 month
    *18 months - free 2 months

    Bootcamp, Beginners, Competition Training, TRX, Zumba, Yoga, Spinning + more » State of the art equipments » Wide variety of cardio & resistance machines » Free Fitness orientation and assessment » Convenient monthly payment

  • Maic’s Gym

    The Best Boxing & Fitness Gym in the Metro. We offer Body Building, Strength and conditioning, Functional Training, Boxing, Kick Boxing ,MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Zumba, Cycle Fit Classes, Elite Fit inspired by crossfit, Indoor Wall Climbing and much more!!! Body Building Athletic Training Strength and Conditioning Aerobics Boxing Taekwondo Ballet Read more [...]

  • Crossfit Subtero

    Facilities / Equipments: Strenghth & Conditioning, Gymnastics, Olypic Weight Lifting, Zumba, Yoga, HIIT
    Rates / Prices:


    3x week( 3 classes a week from
    Crossfit Strength & Conditining
    and Gymnastics - 2,065php/ month
    UNLIMITED( Unlimited access to all classes Crossfit
    + Olypic Weight Lifting) - 2,330php /month
    LEAN HOURS( Unlimited Special Lean Hours Promo: Unlimited Access to all 6:00 am and
    1:00 pm Crossfit Classes) - 1,330php/month


    Student's Rate 3x a week
    (Membership: CHoose 3 classes a from crossfit, Strength&Conditioning
    and Gymnastics)- 1,463 php/month
    Student's Rate Unlimited
    (Discounted student's rate for Unlimited access to all classes!
    Crossfit + Olympic Weight Lifting + Strength& Conditioning +
    Gymnastics + Zumba + HIIT + Yoga) - 1,796.75 php/month
    HIIT, YOGA and Zumba( Unlimited access to all Yoga, HIIT, and Zumba Classes) - 1,330/month



    Head Coach
    Crossfit L1 Trainer
    Certified HIIT Coach
    Certified Schwinn
    First Aid + CPR
    Certified Firefighter


    Yoga Teacher
    Certified Yoga Instructor


    Certified Intensity Interval Training Coach
    Certified Zumba B1 Instructor
    AFAA Certified Group Fitness INstructor
    Certified Retro Dance Fitness Instructor
    Strongman Visayas and Mindanao Fist Place 2017


    Weight Lifting Coach
    Philippine National Weightlifting Assistant Coach

    CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. These are the core movements of life. They move the largest loads the longest distances, so they are Read more [...]

  • Shape 8 Fitness Gym

    Rates / Prices:

    Regular Rate 1,500
    Student Rate 1,200 including trainers program and assistance
    Free hot and cold shower and locker
    NO Membership Fee only Monthly Dues

    Shape 8 mission is to improve the quality of the life and health of each client through the innovative effective fitness training and nutritional coaching. These tools are needed to become healthier, physically stronger, to motivate others to live well, and challenge others in creative ways to live out fuller, Read more [...]

  • Epic Performance and Fitness

    Facilities / Equipments: Circuit Training Exercise, Studio Classes, Yoga, Combat Cardio

    Reynaldo Caday
    Romulo Wagas
    Agustin Ysola
    Mark Pugoy

    Epic Performance and Fitness is an organisation geared in providing fun and exciting sports performance and fitness exercise interventions.   The four boxes symbolize essential characteristics of a healthy and well person. They stand for fitness – the ability to maintain our body’s capacities, food – the ability to nourish Read more [...]

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